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Senior High


Monthly Meet-up

Senior High Monthly Meet-up takes place at 7:00 p.m. on the first Sunday of every month. This is a low-key time for hanging out and sharing what’s new in each other’s lives, for reconnecting with old friends, for making new friends, for unwinding and having a good time. On one month, we might have a game night, on another a movie night, or perhaps a bonfire with s’mores in someone’s backyard. Usually we’ll meet at Northminster, though on occasion we may venture elsewhere.

For news on upcoming Monthly Meet-ups, follow @northminster_youth on Instagram, and/or sign up for the Weekly Update email (see below).


Meta Meet-up

Are you looking to go a little deeper in your exploration of the Christian faith? Come join us at Northminster for our weekly Meta Meet-up, on Thursday evenings during the school year from 7:00pm – 8:30pm (after ToGather dinner).

At Meta Meet-up everyone is welcome, no matter where you see yourself on your journey of faith, and every question is fair game. This isn’t a time when we tell you what to think, or what Christians are supposed to believe. After all (spoiler alert), thoughtful Christians disagree with each other all the time, just like everyone else. Within God’s family we find a beautiful kaleidoscope of beliefs, outlooks, feelings, and practices.

With this in mind, Meta Meet-up is a time for us to approach the Bible, Christian history, tradition, and practices, together with an open mind. It’s a time for us to hear what the authors of the Bible have to say, to learn what others have believed, how they have worshiped, and why. It’s a place for trying on new ideas and practices, for critically examining what’s been passed down to us, and for sharing this journey of thoughtful faith engagement with others who are on the journey too and can help us along the way.


Service Events

Christians have traditionally believed that in Jesus Christ God has become human, taking up residence in the world around us. This means that, for Christians, serving our neighbors and making the world a better place is inherently spiritual work. This understanding has led to a long and beautiful tradition of service in Christian history, a tradition that we at Northminster cherish and try our best to carry forward.

Each year Northminster sends enthusiastic volunteers, including many Senior Highers, down to Central Appalachia to serve with Appalachia Service Project, helping to make homes warmer, safer, and drier. We also try to find a Saturday each month when we can go out to the forest preserves and serve our non-human neighbors with North Branch Restoration Project—an organization that works to restore and protect native ecosystems along the North Branch of the Chicago River. In addition to these recurring opportunities, one-off events and opportunities for service and/or social justice education sometimes arise. See below for ways to keep up on the latest happenings.


How to Stay Informed:

For news on recent and upcoming events, follow @northminster_youth on Instagram, and/or sign up for the Weekly Update email by emailing Alex DeMarco, Director of Youth Ministry, with “Weekly Update” in the subject line, and your first and last name somewhere in the body.