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Traditionally, or so the architectural historians tell us, churches had spires either to demonstrate their position and strength in a community or to symbolize the church’s reaching up in hope and joy toward God in heaven.

These days, the view of our own church spire is blocked by trees from most approaches until you are very near the building.

But it is, along with our rose window, among the most striking things about our building.

It announces very strongly “This is Northminster.”

For many years, perhaps even most of our almost a century of worshipping and serving in Northwest Evanston, “The Spire” announced “this is Northminster” by being the printed newsletter of our church. Like most church newsletters, at one time it was mailed out to all members and friends.

Then, the mail gave way to it being available for pick up at the back of the church. We emailed to some, and others downloaded it from the Northminster website. Even with the changes in distribution, the format was the same.

Mostly recently, the bulk of The Spire was dedicated to collecting together reports of events in the church that had taken place in the preceding two months, with the weekly email taking over the job of keeping people informed of upcoming events. In various conversations with folks over the past year, it has become clear to me that our way of consuming information is changing.

When we engage in reflection in these days of Facebook and text messaging, it is usually more instantaneous — not two months after the fact. We also do a lot of our learning about and engaging of issues through social media and the blogosphere.

For these reasons, among others, Northminster is now launching The Spire as the church’s official blog.

The Spire Blog will take over the responsibilities of collecting our memories and photos of events, going a bit deeper in exploring upcoming ministry opportunities, and generally reflecting on the issues of the day from a faith perspective and a Northminster lens.

At first, substantive posts will come a few a week until we work out the most effective pattern for getting information and reflections to you, as well as while the ministries and staff of the church get used to using this venue for communicating with the congregation and the greater community.

So come along with us, as Growing in Faith and Rooted in Love, we explore how we can better communicate all the wonders that God is doing through Northminster and her members, expand our opportunities for engagement, and learn and grow together as God’s children in the complex world of the 21st Century!

Epiphany season blessings!


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