Stewardship Straight Talk: Fellowship

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Fellowship is the glue that binds our NPC community together — during coffee hour on Sunday morning, at church picnics, silver tea receptions, congregational lunches and progressive dinners, Christmas parties, ice cream socials, and other social events.

Fellowship provides opportunities for church members, visitors and friends to join together in casual, special and always enjoyable ways to know each other more personally in welcoming settings. Through these events that are “rooted in love,” we continue “growing in faith” together.

These gatherings are provided joyfully by the Fellowship Committee with very limited resources, many of which are donated by the committee members themselves because of budget constraints. With reduced funds, some areas that are being considered to be cut include doing fewer events, and perhaps even charging for some events

If we had appropriate budget funding, we could continue existing events and consider the following:

  • Provide subsidized child care for the Progressive Dinner and for the Adult Christmas Party in order to give more parents with children an opportunity to attend, making these special evenings as inclusive as possible
  • Work with the Building & Grounds Committee to hire an institutional kitchen designer to develop a plan to upgrade the church kitchen and then over time do the upgrades
  • Replace small pieces of kitchen equipment that are broken or worn out

Fellowship opportunities help to bind us together as a community and we hope to continue to provide a variety of events now and in the future.

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