Why Stewardship Matters

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Northminster has a proud tradition of providing quality Christian education beginning from its early days as a Sunday School for Evanston children.

Christian education remains a fundamental ministry at Northminster today. Each year a new group of young confirmands examine their faith under the guidance of dedicated Christian educators.

Yet, it is a responsibility that we all share. Teaching our young people is one of our principal duties as a faith community.  Through Christian education, we spread the Good News one person at a time.

As one recent confirmand expressed this in her faith statement:  “Northminster Presbyterian Church is such a welcoming community that I want to be a part of because of the wonderful people that love, trust, and share God’s goodness. I want to do the same with the gifts God has given me.”

If our youth are the future of the church, then Northminster’s future looks bright.  Imagine all the possibilities of our confirmands when making your 2015 pledge.

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