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Junior High

This past Sunday, March 12th, we saw from Jesus (Luke 13:1-5) that bad things don’t happen because God wants to punish us for sin. In fact, we found that God deals with sin by suffering it with us, freeing us from its power, and giving us new life in his resurrection (Romans 6:3-11). We then finished our time with two lively rounds of the game “Mafia.” This coming Sunday, March 19th, we will be considering the image of God that Jesus gives us in his parables from Luke 15, a God who seeks and saves the lost without exception.

Senior High

This past Sunday, March 12th, we played a little game called “Bag of Lies” (copyright Matt P.), and talked together about the importance of truth-telling, the destructive capacity of lies, and how serving the truth in a complex world can sometimes take discernment. This coming Sunday, March 19th, we will ask together: What is the Bible? And is it always right?

Please, lend us your input! 

For the coming fall, we are considering changing the day and/or time of our primary weekly program for Sr. Highers (what is currently Challenge Class). To assist in this, it would be wonderful if you would take a few minutes to fill out this brief questionnaire, letting us know what days/times would be best for you and your family. We want to hear from anyone who has an interest in the program, especially students, parents (yes, parents of younger kids as well!), youth volunteers, and anyone who might be interested in volunteering. This link will take you to the questionnaire.

For more information about youth ministry at Northminster, email Youth Ministry Director Alex DeMarco. 

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