Northminster Youth at a Glance

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Junior High

This past Sunday, February 19th, in Jr. High Sunday School, we read Luke 7:36-60 together and considered how God graciously accepts us as we are, regardless of any supposed perfection or imperfection we might have. We also had a close and spirited game of catchphrase. This coming Sunday, February 26th, we are looking at the unique revelatory moment in Luke’s gospel known as the Transfiguration.

Senior High

This past Sunday, February 19th, in the Sr. High Challenge Class, we, who resisted the sirens’ call of unseasonably warm weather, brushed up on our foosball and table tennis skills while discussing plans for the future. There is no Sr. High Challenge Class next week, February 26th, due to the ASP Pancake Breakfast.

For more information about youth ministry at Northminster, email Youth Ministry Director Alex DeMarco. 

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