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Last “Official” Chrismons-Making Meeting, August 5th

Even if you haven’t come before, everyone is invited to come to the Guild Room on Sunday, August 5th, after Fellowship Time when we will continue to make Chrismons for the Advent Season at Northminster. There are different techniques for a variety of skill levels. There’s something for everyone, and even several kid-friendly patterns are…


“You pray for the hungry.  Then you feed them.  This is how prayer works.” – Pope Francis. The coins you save up for Change Hunger do make a difference. Please remember to place them in the offering plate every Sunday.

Deacons’ Presbyterian Homes BBQ, July 28th

Everyone is invited to join the Deacons and the residents of the Presbyterian Homes Evanston for the annual BBQ. We will be in the James Room, Kimble Fitness Center, at Westminster Place from noon until 1:30 p.m on Saturday, July 28th.  This is a multi-generational gathering and a time for food, friends and fellowship. Bring your…

Family & Children’s Ministries Movie Morning, July 24th

Children of all ages are invited to join Family and Children’s Ministries for “Movie Morning”on Tuesday, July 24th. We will be watching the 10 a.m. screening of Paddington 2 at the Evanston Century Theaters at 1715 Maple Street. Kid’s popcorn packs come with popcorn, a kid’s drink and fruit snacks for $5 at the concession…

Fair Trade Sale (Chocolate, Coffee & Tea), July 22nd

Don’t forget that Northminster’s Fair Trade Coffee Sale is usually on the third Sunday of each month during Fellowship Time after the worship service in Logan Hall. But this month, it will be on the fourth Sunday because the Ice Cream Social last Sunday. Come to the Fair Trade Table in Logan Hall to stock up…


“When people were hungry Jesus didn’t say, ‘Now is that political or social?’  He said, ‘I feed you.’  Because the good news to a hungry person is bread.” – Desmond Tutu.  Please keep your coins for Change Hunger.  

The Night Ministry Delivery/Serving, July 19th

Join Pastor Michael and the group as they head down to Chicago to deliver and serve Northminster’s meals to the homeless. We will be leaving he church at 7:45 p.m. and will return by 10. For more information, please email Pastor Michael.

The Night Ministry Meal-Making, July 19th

Come and help! We will be making sandwiches in the kitchen at 12:30 p.m. on July 19th for the Night Ministry. Come and join us for a good time of mission service and Northminster fellowship. For more information, email Amy Mendelson.

Ice Cream Social, July 15th

Don’t miss the Fellowship Committee’s Summer Ice Cream Social on July 15th during Fellowship Time. We will be on the Central Park Lawn after the worship service.


Your coins each week in the Sunday offering plate do make a difference in many lives. Please help to CHANGE HUNGER!

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