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Mission Project Funding Proposals Due May 31st

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What would you do with $5000? (or $1000? or $500 or…?)

Do you have an idea for an awesome activity? An extraordinary enterprise? A towering task? A spectacular strategy? If so, read on!

The Mission and Social Justice Committee is delighted to report that we have been allocated an additional $5,000 for our budget in 2018! The last time this happened was in 2011 and, as we did then, we’d like to know what projects you would like Northminster to sponsor. Is there a local, national or global project that you’ve dreamed of creating or an existing one you want to support? Now’s your chance! We’d like to see your proposals to fund new (or re-fund former) mission and social justice projects at Northminster. Here’s the deal:

Tell us about your proposal: What project do you want to do and why? Give us a few paragraphs on your goal and how you’d go about achieving it, why you think your project is important, who’s going to help you carry it out, whether it’s a one-off project or ongoing, and how much you think it will cost.  Send your proposal to Mission and Social Justice Chairs Scott Kellogg and Kelly Brest van Kempen, (, by May 31st. (Please send to both chairs to lessen the chance of your proposal getting lost in cyberspace.)

We look forward to hearing your ideas!  And, while we can’t guarantee we’ll choose all of them for funding, we’ll certainly help get the word out about them!


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