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Important Meeting for the 2022 Northminster Presbyterian Church Planned Appalachia Service Trip!

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The information/sign-up meeting for the planned NPC ASP 2022 mission trip is upon us and will be on  Nov. 7th from 3-5 p.m. at Northminster Presbyterian Church.

After missing the last two years, we are gearing up in anticipation of being able to serve those in Appalachia who have desperate housing needs. In some ways, this will seem like old times for many of us, in other ways it will be like starting the program over again. Much has changed since we last participated in 2019 and we will need to make adjustments.

Things like where, in what format, and how often to meet for team building sessions, living and sleeping arrangements at the work centers, and interactions with the host families we serve may need to change due to the health concerns for all involved.  Please be patient with the NPCASP Leadership Committee as we consider the many moving pieces while planning this important mission trip.  Thank you!

We have pre-registered with ASP.  Our assigned week is June 19-25. The required, non-refundable, sign-up fee is $50 and is payable at the meeting. You may also sign-up after worship that morning during coffee hour. We will not be accepting registration fees before then. Registration requests after that meeting will be handled in the order they are received. The total fee for the trip this year for each volunteer will be $350.

Youth need to be 14 or have graduated from 8th grade at the time of the trip, and all volunteers need to be Vaccinated against Covid-19 to be eligible to go. Adults considering volunteering for the trip are strongly encouraged to attend. Parents of potential youth volunteers are also welcome. Masks will be mandatory at this meeting and social distancing will be observed.

Topics to be covered will include:
  • General information about the mission;
  • The rough schedule of events leading up to the trip, including fundraising;
  • Expectations and Requirements for those volunteering to go.

We anticipate quickly filling up many spots again this year, waiting lists are a possibility, so please join us at this meeting as we start to plan Northminster’s 16th ASP Trip.

Also, as you consider signing up, please understand that preparing for this trip requires youth and adult participation in team building meetings and fundraising activities.

Questions or Concerns?  Email Al Williams at:

For information about ASP:

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