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Greatest Hits of Scripture Bible Study

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Join Pastor Michael for a new Bible Study: Greatest Hits of Scripture which will explore key scripture passages, often more than one related passage in each class. The first phase of the class will take place at 11:05 a.m. after worship on February 2nd, 9th and 23rd. Living Our Faith welcomes a speaker on the Seraj Library Project in the Palestinian Territory on February 16th.

The three weeks of Phase One of the Greatest Hits of Scripture will cover the following:

February 2nd: The Baptism of Jesus in the Four Gospels. Why do each of the gospels remember the baptism of Jesus in a different way? We’ll look at all 4 versions and consider what we can learn by exploring them side by side.

February 9th: Three Meals, but Four Gospels. The Last Supper appears in only 3 of the 4 gospels, though the final night with the disciples is there in all of them. We’ll consider how John handles that night differently that the other gospels and what each gospel teaches us about our sacramental identity.

February 23rd: The Intimate Jesus: All four gospels recall a time when Jesus came to Bethany and received an anointing with oil by a woman. They disagree on who she was, where she anointed him, and what her purpose was in doing so. The Anointing and Bethany is considered by many the most intimate encounter Jesus has with another person in all of scripture. Come explore the different traditions of this encounter and what it might be telling us about Jesus, physical touch, and ancient rituals.


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