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December 18th – Micah 5:2-5

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2 Bethlehem Ephrath, you are one of the smallest towns in the nation of Judah. But the LORD will choose one of your people to rule the nation— someone whose family goes back to ancient times. 3 The LORD will abandon Israel only until this ruler is born, and the rest of his family returns to Israel. 4 Like a shepherd taking care of his sheep, this ruler will lead and care for his people by the power and glorious name of the LORD his God. His people will live securely, and the whole earth will know his true greatness, 5 because he will bring peace.
Contemporary English Version (CEV)


Bethlehem, so lowly and obscure,
Why are you the chosen one?
We’re looking for a king,
Regal and grand.
What do you offer?
The rudest of accommodations:
A dirty, drafty barn
An earthen floor
Littered with a bit of straw
Where a young woman will labor
To bear her firstborn.
We’re expecting a king
Worldly, powerful and mighty.
Instead of a throne
You offer a manager.
Rather than a king,
You send a Shepherd.
In God’s name
And in His glory,
This Shepherd will be our peace.

Prayer: Dear loving and benevolent God: We are of a world troubled by conflict and obsessed with status, power, and wealth. Forgive us when we seek security and self-esteem from the riches of such a world. During this Advent season, set our hearts on the promise from Bethlehem–that from the lowly will come the Mighty, who like a shepherd, will lead us to a New Jerusalem abounding in justice, mercy, joy, and peace. Amen.

Marilyn Kirk

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