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Composting at Banner Day Picnic

Categories: General News

Composting waste materials was successfully rolled out at the Banner Day Picnic. All plates, napkins, and cups were collected for composting. We had less than 1/3 barrel of trash and filled a few recycling bins. Fellowship did a great job using serving dishes that could be recycled. Now we can use composting and recycling for all church functions resulting in less trash headed for the landfill. We’ll be posting signs throughout the church so when we move in for events, reminders will be located at all waste stations.
One more thing: One of our members was firm in his belief that our plastic recyclables were still plastic. He was right, but the type we use, made of of organic material, can be composted in a commercial composting environment. Our composting is transferred to a commercial composting plant for processing. Our special plastic cups cannot be composted in home composting bins.

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