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October 28th: Adult Education: “Living Our Faith” — What Bail Reform Is and Why It Matters

Categories: Adult Education

Across the country, the movement to end money bail for those accused of crimes is gaining steam. Reforming the bail bond system could have a huge impact on defendants, their families and whole communities. But how would a reformed bail system work?

If you’re curious, come hear our “Living Our Faith” speaker after worship on October 28th. Michelle Day is a minister and a lawyer who works on this and other restorative justice projects. Our church is considering supporting this work — come see why!

We will be meeting in the Guild Room at 11:05 a.m. This is another in the Sunday Adult Education Series, “Living the Word/Living Our Faith/Living the Questions.”

With “Living the Word,” Pastor Michael or Pastor Jessica focuses on the weekly Narrative Lectionary Bible selection. “Living Our Faith,” brings in speakers, such as Rev. Day, to talk about social justice and faith topics. And “Living the Questions” is an online discussion group for those who cannot stay after worship for Adult Education time, an online discussion group. We use the Nooma Video series as the launching point for online discussions. A new video and questions will be posted very two weeks!. Contact Pastor Michael to be added to the invitation list for “Living the Questions!”

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