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Post-ToGather Series Starts Tomorrow — “Hybrid Lives: Living Faith on Social Media & IRL”

Categories: Adult Education

This series begins April 12th after ToGather at 7 p.m.

Pastor Michael curates three conversations about how social media is impacting our lives and how that presents challenges and opportunities for people of faith. The first class, “Toward Interested, Fruitful Conversations” will serve as an introduction to the topic and consider the proposition, first posed by Dr. Angela Gorrell, Associate Research Scholar at the Yale University Center For Faith & Culture, that “the internet is a place where we live part of our hybrid lives, a space for meaningful interaction, and one of the many places where God is at work.”

We say that online is ‘virtual’ and face-to-face is ‘real,’ but hybridity sees these two dimensions as becoming integrated and shaping one another and our world into one marked by “networked individualism.” How do and can faith and the church play a role in such a world?

Come be a part of this important, timely conversation. All ages welcome and encouraged! We will be in the Guild Room on April 12th at 7 p.m.

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