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Advent Reflections

Arise, Your Light Has Come!

“Advent” literally means “the coming” or “the arrival.” In the Christian tradition it is also a time of preparation. The celebration of the Nativity was not a tradition until hundreds of years after Christ’s life on earth. As Easter people, we know that the birth of this child—this child who is both fully human and Emmanuel, God with us—sets in motion a life and ministry that will change the world. Just as we prepare for Holy Week in Lent, we are invited to prepare for the Nativity during Advent.

Our theme for Advent and for this Advent devotional is “Arise, Your Light Has Come” based on Isaiah 60:1:

Arise, shine, for your light has come,

And the glory of the Lord rises upon you!

This has been a shadow-filled year—the COVID pandemic, the resulting economic turmoil, the chaos of a deeply divided election season, and so many things not going as anyone had planned. And yet, we have seen moments of hope, of grace, of compassion, of bravery, of reconciliation and or resilience throughout this year. As we rehearse yet again the light of Christ breaking into the world in the person of the little child of Mary, we remember moments of light and give thanks. Let these reflections draw us closer to the light of this Season, Members of Northminster are sharing their reflections on this theme.We thank them all so much for sharing their thoughts and talents with us!

On each of the days of Advent, you are invited to read the scriptures that you will find here. Some of these passages don’t seem to have much to do with Christmas or the Nativity, but they are ways Scripture speaks to us of light.

We encounter them cautiously, knowing that in the past, these passages have been used to demonize or belittle races with darker skin or to elevate those with lighter complexions as more Godly or superior. We utterly reject that false interpretation, understanding that light in scripture is about revealing truth, and illuminating the way forward. Christ’s light gives us the vision to see clearly how God’s image is present in everyone, thanks be to God!

After you have read the passages for each day, read the reflection or devotion and join with your fellow Northminster folks in the prayer of the day.

May we at Northminster be filled with Christ’s light in this Holy time!

Pastor Michael
Pastor Jessica

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