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Northminster Presbyterian Church has a Stewardship Committee, but really we are all stewards.

We are charged with caring for our church — its people, its programs, its physical assets — which has been built and cared for by our predecessors and for which we are responsible to future generations. It is an awesome responsibility.

Stewardship underlies all the decisions we make about our church. What programs can we have? How much staff can we support? What mission programs can we support?

It is an exciting time at Northminster. The church has a palpable sense of renewed energy, alive with activity, ministery, and mission. We ask that as you think about your pledge you consider the impact stewardship will have on our church — on our people, our programs and our facilities.

To grow our programs and mission, we need to expand our pledge income. In that regard we are no different from most organizations. What’s different is why we do it: to provide a place for all to grow in their relationship with Christ and, through that relationship, to serve others.

That takes different forms for different people, but all grow from the same seed: Growing in Faith, Rooted in Love. A few key facts:

  • Currently NPC has over 500 members and roughly 175 pledging units.
  • Our pledges last year were over $620,000 or around $3,500 per pledging unit.
  • About 85% of our revenues come from pledges.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Some can afford to pledge more than the average, and do, and for others the best they can do is less than the average. That is right and good.

However, the Stewardship Committee wants to share this information with our members to give you more context as you make your stewardship decisions. Our decisions, individually and collectively, will shape the future of our church.

Please feel free to contact any of the 2022 Stewardship Committee members —

— if you have questions.

Stewardship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)