Celebrate Stewardship

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Recent “Stewardship Straight Talk” pieces have provided transparency into Northminster’s finances and helped inspire us to “Imagine the Possibilities” of our shared future.  But, let’s take a moment to celebrate the good work that stewardship has enabled.

A few anecdotes reveal how we’ve been touched in some way at Northminster: Christian education, pastoral counseling, lessons in forgiveness, acts of kindness or the healing and inspiring power of music. This is truly why stewardship matters.

We at Northminster are blessed with pastors who are there for us in good times and bad; in times of joy and crisis.  It is no exaggeration to say that without the guiding hand and support of our pastors many Northminster members would not be where we are today.

How can one put a dollar value on saving a soul, a life, or a marriage?  We can’t.  But we can ensure that we attract, retain and reward our pastors for the work they do.  When considering your pledge, please reflect on the impact Northminster’s pastors have had on you, your family or fellow NPC members.

Brian Utley, for the Stewardship Committee  (Joe Doyle, Kent Geibel, Leslie Lehner, Molly McDowell)

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