Why Stewardship Matters

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Northminster has a long tradition of concern for others.  In fact, the concept is engraved above the door to the sanctuary.   We “Enter to Worship” and “Depart to Serve.”

One way Northminster serves the broader community is through the Family Promise program where we provide a home for one week for those who are in transition.

A recent family who spent a week at Northminster sent a thank you note to the church stating:  “Just a short note to say ‘Thank You!’ to both hosts and volunteers for all everyone has done for me and my family. We can’t say Thank You enough. If we had to reach our lowest to get to meet such wonderful people, again, Thank You. God placed us here for a reason. Keep doing what you do best and may God continue to bless you all.”

The above note reflects what one family feels.  Our members also find their lives enriched by providing hospitality.  They say:  “The best part of Family Promise is getting to know the families by staying overnight.  It’s like sharing your home with someone.”

(Participating in Family Promise) helps us to “move out of our comfort zone.  It made me think of what it would be like not to have shelter.”

This is just one of many mission programs at Northminster.  To continue to provide important programs like Family Promise, Northminster needs a 10 percent increase in pledge income.

We’ll be able to continue to serve those in need while we as a community “Grow in Faith” that is “Rooted in Love.”  If you have not already submitted your pledge, please show your support to your Northminster family by doing so.

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