From the Stewardship Committee: Straight Talk Summary

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Over the last several weeks the Stewardship Committee has offered “straight talk” regarding the Church’s financial situation.  Northminster believes in 100% transparency, and our financial statements are available to all members.

Our goal has been to take you beyond the numbers on the page to help you see specifically how those finances affect our Church.  This is not an abstract issue; rather the success of our Stewardship campaign will directly impact what we can, or can’t, do as a Church.

Without a significant increase in pledge revenues, we will have to make some tough choices.

What programs and services do we cut?  How do we allocate fewer dollars among our hard-working staff?  What mission programs get less support, or none at all? What music and worship “enhancements” can we do without?  In short, we will have to do less than we do now.  These changes will affect all of us, as well as the greater community that we serve.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that we control our future.  With more revenue we can not only keep the people and programs that make Northminster the place we all love but we can go further.

Imagine the possibilities that, together, we can come up with to make Northminster an even better church home in which we can Grow in Faith while Rooted in Love.  The possibilities are as endless as the imaginations of our members.

Some of the specific possibilities we’ve imagined have been articulated in recent “straight talk” messages, including:

  • Hire a Christian Education director and increase CE offerings that are crucial to faith growth
  • Offer resources — both people and printed materials — on how to cultivate faith as a family
  • Perform special music services; have brass musicians on Easter; broaden our choral library
  • Provide subsidized child care making Fellowship events as inclusive as possible
  • Schedule timely, coordinated and unobtrusive service to Northminster’s buildings and grounds

Stewardship, of course, always seems to be asking for money, and there may be an all-too-natural reaction to shrug this campaign off as “more of the same.”   It’s not; in fact, more of the same will mean less of the same, because we need to increase our pledge revenues just to maintain the status quo.

But we think we can do more, and we ask that you Imagine the Possibilities as you consider your response in the upcoming Stewardship campaign.

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