Helping Heifer International

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Heifer in the Sanctuary! Heifer in the Sanctuary! Relax! There are no cows wandering down the aisles…it’s just the Mission and Social Justice Committee (MSJ) doing something new and exciting! MSJ has long authorized contributions to organizations supported by Northminster, but this year the committee has decided to bring these organizations and their work closer to the congregation — even “into the sanctuary.” First up is Heifer International.

Rather than just writing the usual check once a year, MSJ will now donate a hive of bees or a flock of chicks to Heifer International whenever a baby is born to a Northminster family and a lamb when there is a baptism at Northminster. This past Sunday saw this new practice in action for the first time: two “beehive” letters signed in the narthex, one for Jack Dowland Glisson, who was born in January, and the other for Callan James Rosic, a February arrival. And who knows? We may even find other milestones to celebrate with a donation to Heifer!

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