Only a Dozen Tags Left on the Giving Tree for Family Focus!

Categories: Mission

This week may be your last chance to help support the families at Family Focus this Christmas season by taking a tag from the tree and purchasing the requested item. The Giving Tree is in the narthex and there are only about a dozen tags left.  Gifts are due at noon on Sunday, December 17th.  Please remember to sign the gift list so we know who has which gift tags!

A few things to note: There are tags for several mothers and grandmothers who are raising children and grandchildren in difficult circumstances and could use a little Christmas cheer as well; most of their requests are for very practical things like pajamas or hats and scarves. And, there are again the many teenagers who would like gift cards, which we would suggest limiting to $25 or $30. (While these aren’t as much fun for us to shop for, they do give extra pleasure to these kids by allowing them the rare thrill of shopping for themselves.)

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting this much-appreciated service project!  If you have any questions, please email Kelly Brest van Kempen or Linda Beckstedt.


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