Banner Sunday, September 10th

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Banner Sunday, September 10th, is our first day of the Sunday School program year. Our worship service will begin with a processional of the children carrying their banners into the sanctuary with their classmates and teachers. Please reserve the first few rows of pews for them.

Parents should bring all pre-kindergarten through fifth-graders to Logan Hall to assemble at 9:20 a.m. After “A Time with the Children” all grades will follow their teachers to their classrooms. Pre-kindergarten will be in the Red/Blue Room upstairs; kindergarten and first grade will be in Room 2 downstairs; second  grade will be in the Orange Room (204N) upstairs; third grade will be in Room 207 upstairs and fourth and fifth grades will be in Room 208 upstairs.

Pick up on Banner Sunday is in the classrooms directly after the worship service so everyone can enjoy the church picnic. Please remember that an adult (parent, grandparent or guardian) is required to pick up children from their classrooms. Children will not be released without an adult present.  For more information, email Director of Children’s Ministry Meredith Rogowski.

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