Adult Education, October 22nd: “The Truth About False Confessions: Why Do Juveniles Confess?”

Categories: Adult Education

Dozens of Illinois prisoners have been exonerated after being wrongfully convicted of offenses they did not commit.  Many of these were juveniles when they were convicted.

Juveniles are particularly susceptible to suggestive and coercive interrogations, and particularly likely to confess falsely.  This phenomenon was recently highlighted in the popular Netflix drama “Making a Murderer,” which tells the true story of Brendan Dassey, a Wisconsin teenager who falsely confessed to helping his uncle commit a murder.

We will hear from Adam Gray, who confessed at the age of 14 to a double arson murder, and who was recently exonerated.  Adam was represented by Northminster’s own Terri Mascherin and a team from Jenner & Block LLP and the University of Chicago Exoneration Project.

Please join us in the Guild Room after the Called Congregational Meeting and Fellowship Time.


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