Frequently Asked Questions – Stewardship

 How Much Should I Pledge?

This is a personal decision. Everyone has different resources, different demands on those resources, and different priorities. Some numbers that might help give you some context as you consider this issue include:

  • We are 100% self-funded
  • Northminster gets no financial support from the Presbytery or any other organization.
  • Approximately 85% of our Church’s revenue comes from pledges
  • Our pledges for 2017 totaled $640,708 or about $3,300 per pledging unit (individual or family)
  • For 2018 we are seeking at least a 4% increase in pledge revenue

Can I Give without Pledging?

Yes. We prefer that our members pledge so we can better budget and plan but if you are unable to pledge, the church will gratefully accept your gifts however you choose to make them.

Can I Schedule My Payments to Fit My Schedule?

Where possible, we like to have pledges paid evenly over the year, as this helps with cash flow. However, we appreciate that your circumstances may dictate a different schedule and we are happy to accommodate your schedule.

How Does Auto Debit Work?

To make pledging easier, we can set up an auto debit process that will automatically withdraw your monthly pledge amount from your designated bank account. We encourage you to take advantage of this program. Please email Ben Buettell if you would like more information or to sign up for the Auto Debit Program.

How Else Does the Church Get Funds?

As indicated, we depend on pledges for the vast majority (85%) of our funding. In our 2017 budget, other sources included Endowment Fund support (5%), non-pledge giving (4%), Mom’s Morning Out support (3%) and Northminster Nursery School support (2%). It is important to note that none of these other sources are guaranteed, at current or at any other level, in 2018.

Any Good News?

Although each year always brings a set of new challenges for Northminster, we remain a vibrant Church entering an exciting period of growth and energy under Pastor Kirby. What we will be able to do in 2018 as a Church is literally up to us and the contributions we make in terms of time, talent and treasure. As the Stewardship theme for this year states, The Responsibility is Ours!

More Questions?

Please feel free to contact any member of the 2017 Stewardship Committee: